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I started Hana Sham Scent combining my love for colors and storytelling with history. Stationary items are what I love to keep as a memory of a place, person, event or a thought. Simple lines on paper have the magic to move people’s feelings. I am the happiest when I see eyes blurring because one of my prints brings back a beautiful and even long-lost memory.

At Hana Sham Scent, we are passionate about preserving the cultural heritage of Palestine through our unique stationary designs. Our brand was founded in 2018 by Ghadeer Najjar, who combined her love for colors, storytelling, and history to create a brand that revives the vibrant memory of Palestinian cities. Our mission is to share the stories of Palestine's urban heritage through our stationary designs, exhibitions, talks, tours, and discussions. We believe that every story is a keystone to the building of our identity as Palestinians and we strive to encourage and help Palestinians to share their stories. At Hana Sham Scent, we value quality and sustainability. All our products are designed and produced locally to the highest quality standards. We also value ethical and fair business practices and are committed to creating a positive impact on our community and environment. We are proud to have received recognition for our work. Hana Sham Scent has been featured in various publications, including Amman Design Week and This Week in Palestine. Our brand has also been selected as a finalist for the Jordan Engineers Association – Amman award. Thank you for choosing Hana Sham Scent and joining us in preserving the rich cultural heritage of Palestine.
Ghadeer Najjar, Founder

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